Yosemite National Park - Just What We Needed

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The Beauty of Yosemite National Park - Dirk D Myers PhotographyThe Beauty of Yosemite National Park With Covid being an issue right now, traveling is affected. That was the case on our last trip together. Kat, my fiance, spent some time out west with her family in California. I  flew out and we hit the road together to take in some nature while on the way back to Missouri. Since there was so much that wasn't open inside, we decided to work in a primarily outdoor trip on our vacation this time. We planned to work in three National Parks in 4 days. With Yosemite, Death Valley, and The Grand Canyon fairly close to each other, we figured we could do that with enough time to take in the beauty of each park We knew there would be some limitations because of the pandemic but we came with the mindset that we would enjoy what we could without being totally bummed out over the the things we couldn't. We weren't wrong, but it wasn't as restrictive as we imagined.

The other issue we encountered was the fires that were burning throughout California. There was evidence of the residue in the air, but it didn't make Yosemite any less beautiful. This was something that really concerned us. We considered canceling the trip. I am really glad we didn't. It was truly incredible.

We decided to spend a couple of days in Yosemite. We also realized that with COVID we would have to reserve a spot early and that was part of what made us think about canceling. If we booked weeks out, we didn't know how the fires or the pandemic would alter things. All I can say is that we were there at a very good time. The weather was nice and there wasn't a lot of haze in the air. It was magnificent.

Yosemite National Park - Dirk D Myers PhotographyThe Majesty of Yosemite National Park - Photo Dirk D. Myers Photography We booked a room at the Yosemite Valley Lodge. Knowing how big the park is, we knew we would never see it all in one day. Even with a day and a half we really only were able to touch on the most popular spots.

There were some restrictions as far as the park was concerned. Like I said, we had to reserve a spot since reservations were limited. The park was still very busy even with those restrictions. By and large, they figured out ways to distance and made the process as comfortable as possible.

We were told the best time to be in Yosemite is around the Spring. The run off from the snow creates some amazing waterfalls. However, there  was very little we missed out on going in the fall. The water may not have run as strongly, but it was still so amazing to see.

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I will have to say I am totally amazed by Yosemite. The majestic mountain formations were unlike anything I have ever seen before. Looking out at Half Dome from any angle is a completely different experience. Every spot Yosemite National Park - Dirk D Myers PhotographyYosemite National Park - Dirk D Myers Photography reeveals how immense the expanse around it really is. Then looking up from the base of El Capitan, I am amazed at how tall these formations really are. I have seen a lot of mountain ranges and formations, every spot has its beauty, but there is something very special about Yosemote.

Just Go Experience It

I can tell you that Yosemite is a photographer's dream and how amazing this location really is, but unless you experience this for yourself, my descriptions fall short. There are people that will tell you that their wilderness is the most beautiful, but I will tell you that you can truly never appreciate how wonderful this country really is unless you go out and see it.

There are a lot of people that want to lock you down right now, but the truth is, the best thing you can do for yourself is to get outside and experience nature. There is no better time to pick up a camera, or even your phone.

Go out there and get into the amazing world that is around you.



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