Why I Do What I Do

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SPISPIShooting on the beach at South Padre Island I have been told all my life that people who don't see very well shouldn't be doing things that I do. I am pretty sure that this has gone hand in hand with people telling me I would do better in life if I were less stubborn. The fact of the matter is, I have dealt with both of those things in my lifetime and it's simply part of what makes me who I am. I think my desire to do things people have told me I probably shouldn't be doing is part of why I took up photography. I guess you could say it became a "Hold My Beer" kind of thing.

I have been shooting pictures since High School, and I have certainly dealt with more than my share of grainy or blurry pictures. However, if you take enough of the right pictures, those grainy shots don't really matter. That is much easier now with digital photography, and less expensive. The more I work with my equipment the easier it gets. Preparation is the key to success as far as I am concerned.

If I am working with you I can assure you I will take that necessary time to make your session comfortable and give you results you will be happy with,

Dirk D Myers at Yosemite National ForestDirk D Myers at Yosemite National Forest I have always been inspired by folks who have done things despite boundaries that are set before them. I think of Monet and the beautiful paintings he made while being hampered by cataracts. While his art was not the same as before, it still appealed to those that appreciate his work. There are so many amazing stories like this of folks who didn't give up on what they love because of some hurdle that has been thrown in front of them.

I have benefitted from the encouragement of folks in my life to pursue what I enjoy. My fiance, Kathie, has been a huge supporter; I couldn't have a better cohort in my adventures through life.

“The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places.” —Ernest Hemingway

Dirk D Myers in shooting photos in San FranciscoDirk D Myers in shooting photos in San Francisco I don't want you to buy my pictures because I am challenged visually. I want you to buy my pictures because you think they are a representation of a moment that made you feel something. If you want that feeling to be remembered, then I would love for you to purchase my work.

Please take a look around. I would love your feedback. I also do event and portrait photography for those that live near me who might need images shot. I also have a creative media company where I specialize in helping smaller companies build their presence. I live in the LAs Vegas, Nevada area, but I love going to other locations. Beaches and places with history are often some of our favorite spots to land. What I do goes hand in hand with photography because it allows me to be comfortable working with you in every aspect of making sure your project is done right from start to finish.

Please continue to check back. This site is new and there will be frequent updates. As I mentioned before, I am always happy to talk about ideas with someone. I feel as if there is always something new to learn.

Thank you for stopping by. I really appreciate it.




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