Branson - A Refreshing Change of Pace

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A bridge across Lake Taneycomo that connects Branson to HollisterA bridge across Lake Taneycomo that connects Branson to Hollister I have lived in a lot of places. I have never been anywhere longer than I have lived in the Branson area. There are a lot of people that think I missed out on things because I lived in the Tri-Lakes area for about 25 years. Personally, I don't see it that way.

Growing up in the Southwest United States, I got used to a more fast-paced atmosphere. Arizona was a great place to grow up. I loved living in Mesa. I wouldn't trade that experience for anything. I went to college in Southern California. My education and living in Fullerton opened my eyes to things, however, I wouldn't have wanted to learn anywhere else. Living in Louisiana was awesome. The people, the food, and the lifestyle is something I look back on fondly.

In addition to my degree in Psychology and Music, I also minored in Religious Studies. I remember talking about early missionaries and why they ran into problems trying to work with other nationalities. The idea of immersing yourself in someone's culture is essential if you want to get someone to respect and pay attention to what they are saying. Part of the push back from those that the missionary encountered usually involved the stranger trying to change them instead of learnin The Flag on The Branson Landing at the Fountain Show on Lake TaneycomoThe Flag on The Branson Landing at the Fountain Show on Lake Taneycomo g to accept them.  I think one of the things that I like about myself is that I have become pretty good at diving into the surrounding atmosphere and culture of an area that I am in and learning to appreciate the aspects of life in that particular place. In management, if someone doesn't see you pick up a mop they aren't as likely to do it when you ask them to. This tangent gets us to the thought that Branson is unlike anywhere I have lived before.

I can honestly say that Branson, Missouri is unlike any place I have lived before. There is something about Branson that makes one think of a time gone by. People are often more likely to say hello to you. When a flag flies and the National Anthem plays, those passing by are a little more likely to stop and give reverence to the moment. The community might seem like a bit of a throwback, but in today's world, I find that really refreshing.

We are living in a time where so many people are fighting with each other over the color of skin, or lifestyle decisions. There are people that will say that Branson should be more progressive and emulate the cities where many of these folks come from. I'd like to suggest that Branson has become the third-largest drive-to destination for vacationers because Branson is something they wish they had where they live. Branson is popular because it seems a little more like a Branson Live Music is AmazingBranson Live Shows are Amazing land that time forgot. I think that we should embrace that wholesome naivety instead of trying to wake it up.

I love the way the shows in Branson smack of "Dad Jokes" and "Slapstick Comedy". Again, this is a reflection of when things were funny because they made you laugh. The comedy of today seems to be more of an assault on what you find to be the most obscene. Branson doesn't need to have stage shows that are more "woke"; talent doesn't need to be judged on how much it makes you cringe.  I think people need to be careful what they wish for. If Branson is just like everyone else then no one will need Branson anymore. There's nothing wrong with freshening up a script. People are still coming to Branson to see the shows. Better doesn't mean it has to be more edgy.

The heritage of Branson is rich with stories passed on and then written down. People have been coming to this area because of the tales of the people and the hospitality. After people visited, many decided to settle in the area to bask A Duck Family on Lake TaneycomoA Duck Family on Lake Taneycomo in the area. There is something special about the people who live here. I dare say there is an energy here that is addictive.

As a photographer, Branson is an incredible place to create images. There are so many amazing colors and variations. Whether I am taking pictures at the lake or shooting a live music show there is never a dull moment and beauty is everywhere.

I have a couple of collections I shot on and near Lake Taneycomo. Please check out Birds of Lake Taneycomo and A Walk Along Lake Taneycomo.

I am thankful that I live in Branson, Missouri. I like the fact that things are a little more simple. I am happy to be a part of a community where people still care about their neighbors. I love working with companies that are locally owned and operated and are invested in the community. The world needs a little more Branson in their lives.



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