Brewery Park at Tumwater Falls - A Beautiful Surprise

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I love vacations with my girl! We both love history and nature. Several vacations back she started using an App called Roadtripper and it has added so much to our trips. Kat puts in the major destinations we will be driving to and this app will tell us about all sorts of spots along the way during our drive. You can see things like historic spots, points of beauty, or breweries and wineries. Using this locator we have found the home of Walter White from the show "Breaking Bad" and so many other great spots we didn't think about looking for. It has enhanced our excursions.

Since I started shooting images professionally, Kat has used the Roadtrippers Tumwater Falls Park - Dirk D Myers PhotographyTumwater Falls Park site to help find places to shoot. When we were driving up the west coast through Northern California, Oregon, and Washington, we ran into so many breathtaking spots one of our days we only drove 138 miles. Honestly, along the coast of Oregon, it's so amazing I could have spent many more hours there taking in the natural beauty God Created. The day we went to Seattle we stopped in the morning at a spot called Tumwater Falls Park and it was a treasure trove of fascinating wonders. I got so many beautiful shots there.

See the Tumwater Falls Collection

The most ambitious project undertaken by the Olympia Tumwater Foundation (OTF) was construction in 1962 of a 15-acre park along the falls of the Deschutes River. Still owned and maintained by OTF, Brewery Park at Tumwater Falls continues to attract hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.

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I can honestly say that the Roadtrippers app has led us to some great places, but as far as a spot for photographers, this is a gold mine! The trails were so beautiful. One of our favorite spots was a fall where salmon would throw themselves up over during the spawning season. To get a shot of Salmon Leaping through the fallsSalmon Leaping through the falls them in mid-air was a challenge. If you stay in one place long enough chances are you'll be successful.

This is a great spot for the whole family. If you are on a date, this provides a ton of options for you to enjoy. Located next to and above the park is The Falls Terrace Restaurant and it is really a great spot to gather. I believe I had the opportunity to sip on an Olympia beer with appetizers. There were other choices, but it just seemed right considering we were at the site of the old Olympia brewery.

I loved my trip up through the Northwestern states, but this stop was certainly one of my favorites. Make sure you have an extra camera battery charged and an empty memory card because there is a good chance you will need them.

If you have been to the park or anywhere in the Downtown area there please feel free to comment about your favorite locations. Whether you are a photographer or not it would be nice to hear your thoughts. Feel free to share links of pictures you might see in the Tumwater Falls Collection. Feedback is always appreciated.

*Note* If you are reading this before Phase 3 of the COVID recovery the park will not be open. I believe you can check their Facebook page to get full details.



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