South Padre Island - All We Wanted and More

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A look across the water at South Padre IslandA look across the water at South Padre Island We wanted to take a short trip to the beach but in February the options for beaches in the United States aren't as vast as in Spring and Summer months. Neither of us had been to South Padre Island, so that became the place we decided to get away to for a week.

We decided to fly in since we wanted to spend more of our week on the beach rather than on the road. We flew into Brownsville, Texas, and then took an UBER 45 minutes to the Island. It was such a beautiful sight going over the causeway to the island. An amazing transition into our vacation. When we arrived at the La Copa Inn, we were greeted by great staff and our room was large and beautiful. Our view looked over the pool area and out into the ocean. Even though it was a little cloudy and blustery that day, the sound of the waves was music to the ears.

Once we got stuff settled into the room we do as we always do; headed out to the beach for an initial walk. One thing my girl noticed was how the roar of the ocean seemed much stronger here. Where we stay in California most often, the beach is in more of a cove, so there is more of a cadence to the waves. In SPI, there is more of a constant roar. It really is magnificent.

The birds at South Padre Island are magnificent.The birds at South Padre Island are magnificent. The scenery at South Padre Island is incredible! If you have seen any of my shots in the past you will know I love birds and wildlife. There is no shortage on the island.

We really enjoyed the Birding and Nature Center as well as the Gator Sanctuary There are so many species of birds. There are great trails throughout the area to walk and see all of the beauty that unveils before your eyes.

Enjoy the South Padre Island Collection

They also have a Sea Turtle Rescue that is amazing as well. Turtles that have been injured are rescued and rehabilitated there. While everyone cheers when rehabbed turtles can be released, some turtles are permanent residents because for one reason or another they are unable to return to their natural habitat. One of these turtles lost three flippers and they created a special prosthetic limb that gave this turtle the ability to swim in a straight line. It was pretty awesome to see the care that goes into helping these beautiful creatures.

You will see examples of all of these animals in my SPI collection.

The Lighthouse at Port IsabelThe Lighthouse at Port Isabel Port Isabel is an amazing place to visit! It is on the other side of the causeway and is accessible by using the Free Trolley that runs throughout the island and surrounding areas. On a side note, we used the trolley daily and it was an easy way to get around. Did I also mention that it was free?

In Port Isabel, we visited the lighthouse. It's so beautiful to see and once you trek up the winding staircase, the view is amazing from the top. All of the surrounding areas are visible on a clear day. You can also see a view of the Island itself. Also, we walked through the area cemetery but we check out cemeteries most everywhere we go. You will see in the collection that the colors of the decorated graves were radiant.  It's quite obvious that folks remember their family members and friends that have passed on. Check out the fishing pier as well. It's a relaxing walk full of spectacular views and so many things to see.

If I remember correctly we were able to purchase a pass that got us into the lighthouse and a couple of museums. It was well worth the visit.

We ate at Joe's in Port Isabel, it's a seafood market and restaurant. I enjoyed my meal. My Fiance doesn't eat seafood but there was plenty for her to choose from as well.

A beautiful sunset at Louie's Backyard in South Padre Island.Sunset on South Padre Island Since I brought up food, we ate at many terrific places in SPI that will appease every appetite. If you are a beer fan, the Padre Island Brewing Company is a great place to land. The beer choices were great and I enjoyed the Oysters as well. Another evening we went to Blackbeard's where the portions are huge, and you could easily split plates. I have to say that our favorite spot was definitely Louie's Backyard. The food and atmosphere were so fantastic we ate there twice. We thought about trying something new on our last night, but the sunset off the patio was so amazing at Louie's we just had to go back. You can see those sunset shots in my Sunset on South Padre Island Collection. That was so lovely I created a collection exclusively featuring that sunset.

Catch the Sunset on South Padre Island Collection.

If you are looking for nightlife then you can go right next door from Louie's to Coconut Jack's. That place was a lot of fun! They had live music and it was packed with folks just singing along and tipping back cold drinks. We had an amazing week!

There are so many great things to do on South Padre Island I would recommend it to anyone. If you are a photographer, it's an awesome destination to shoot. We would certainly go back.



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