Avila Beach - One of Our Favorite Spots in the World

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Avila at Golden HourAvila Beach We have so many places that we want to visit in the United States in our lifetime. Knowing that there will probably not be enough time to get to everything, something has to be quite special for us to return. Avila is one of those locations. My fiance introduced me to it and I am sure we will be back many times. It really is amazing.

This old beach town was affected by oil contamination several years back. The beach was completely dug out and replaced and the town was renovated. This created a town that looks like it is relatively new even though it has been around since the middle 1900s.  While it has an existing fishing community, most of the revenue for the area comes from tourism. For a photographer, it is an amazing spot to shoot photos. One of my favorite things about West Coast beaches is the sunsets they feature.

Read About The History of Avila

Where We Stay

When we're in Avila, we stay at The Inn on Avila Beach. They are located right on the beach and the rooms overlooking the water are fantastic! The sliding glass doors open right to the water and the sounds of waves are often the sound we go to sleep and wake up to every day. The amenities are great! They know how to take care of you. Their complimentary bikes get you around the area, and they have plenty of beach swag when you want to get out on the sand. You can also start each day with breakfast provided by Joe Mamma's Coffee on the rooftop. They also provide a happy hour that is second to none at any hotel or resort in the area. At the end of each evening, they serve delicious desserts in their downstairs community room. They truly understand hospitality.

Wine and Dinner at Custom House in AvilaWine and Dinner at Custom House in AvilaWine and Dinner at Custom House in Avila Things To Do

In addition to the amazing shopping, Avila has become a prime location for sampling shops of delicious area wineries. We try to stop at Peleton and Alapay Cellars each visit. They are both perfect spots to sit back, sip a glass or two, and relax.

The shops are also awesome! There are lots of places to find souvenirs, but also most beach gear is available if you forgot your trunks or flip flops. I know, because I forgot my flips one time and I found the most comfortable pair in a shop that I still wear to this day.

The restaurants in the area are very nice as well. I like seafood, but my girl prefers land-dwelling fare. We have found so many places that we love. My girl's favorite spots is probably Brad's, in nearby Pismo. They have incredible ribs! For me, if I am looking for something casual, you have to have the Clam Chowder at Splash. If you want a beautiful spot to take in something closer to Fine Dining, I would recommend Custom House. There is something for everyone to eat in Avila, and it's wonderful!

A Photographers Paradise

The Pier in the Distance at Avila BeachThe Pier in the Distance at Avila Beach There are so many things to do in Avila, and everything is a photo op. I am totally not kidding! There are several piers for you to walk along. Along with the pier at Avila Beach, San Luis Obispo Port and Pismo Beach are right there for you to take advantage of.

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The Central Coast Aquarium is amazing and you should check it out. See and touch the creatures that are indigenous to the area. If you have looked over any of my collections you know I find myself drawn to birds. My fiance teases me about it all the time. I like to catch things in motion. That is happening all around you in Avila.

If you are looking for a beach community on the West Coast to vacation in, then I would certainly recommend Avila Beach. I know we will be back, probably a few times. Please feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions about the area. We love talking about our favorite spots on the planet. I look forward to hearing from you. Please check out my Avila Collection as well. That group of images is likely to grow as well. There are many beautiful images to choose from, and I would appreciate your support.


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