Myrtle Beach - So Much To Do On The Grand Strand

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Myrtle Beach from Pier 14Myrtle Beach from Pier 14 We had been home long enough. I haven't been on the coast in far too long, and a vacation was long overdue. I hadn't been to Myrtle Beach or any beach where the sun rose over the water. Every other beach I have put my feet on has been on the West Coast. We booked the vacation and spent the weeks prior to taking off researching what we would like to see and do while we were there. I don't know about you, but one of our favorite things is seeing what we have to look forward to. We like to call it "Vacation Foreplay".

I also got a new camera to add to my arsenal. I purchased a Nikon Z6, and I was very excited to use this opportunity to break it in. The purchase also qualified me to join Nikon's Professional Services group. Since I love Nikon's cameras, I'm glad to have that additional designation.

We were excited about how close the airport was to the beach. We also found that since there was a gas shortage up the entire east coast, finding transportation that week would be a challenge. Uber was more difficult to get and expensive to obtain compared to usual rates. Lyft was impossible to book rides through.

The only other challenge we ran into was the hotel we stayed at. The Windsurfer hotel was a great location. However, their COVID policies came with a lack of actual cleaning of the room throughout the week. They would put towels at our door, but they refused to clean each day. The cost remained the same, which we found very frustrating. While we will go back to Myrtle, we wouldn't likely ever recommend the Windsurfer to anyone or ever stay there again.

It All Starts With an Amazing Sunrise

Sunrise Over the Ocean on Myrtle BeachSunrise Over the Ocean on Myrtle Beach As I mentioned earlier, this was the first time I had vacationed on a beach where the sunrise happens over the water. I am a bit of a night owl so adjusting my schedule happened. I am so glad I did. It was an amazing sight to see.

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The beach was beautiful! The Boardwalk on the Beach is a great way to get along the beach on foot. If you are wanting to see the essential beachfront this is an excellent way to do it.

We did find that we wanted water shoes of some kind to walk on the beach proper. The reason why is because there are a lot of shells along the beach. If you collect shells, you can join the large number of folks that go out early in the morning to hunt for shells.

Along with the amazing scenic beachfront, there are piers that you can stroll and enjoy. Two spots we totally enjoyed on their piers were Pier 14 and Wicked Tuna. Both are excellent spots to eat; you really need to check them out. Pier 14 was the first location we ate at and really enjoyed the food. I also realized that Yuengling is flowing there and throughout much of The Grand Strand. My opinion is that delicious beer from America's oldest brewery should be everywhere. Wicked Tuna is a more Fine Dining concept that serves a delicious house-crafted menu filled with amazing cocktails, tapas, and entrees. The seafood was delicious everywhere I was dining! It's so nice to be somewhere that the fish is fresh!

Getting Out and About

Splash, The Myrtle Beach Pelican, Doing His ThingSplash, The Myrtle Beach Pelican, Doing His Thing The Myrtle Beach Pelicans field is a must-see. Whether you are an avid baseball fan or simply enjoy the occasional game you will find this a really good time. I am a Cubs fan, so finding that they are a Minor League Cubs affiliate was a great touch. I was able to get a couple of great seats behind the dugout to set my cameras in front of me and get some great shots while watching an awesome game.

We went to Broadway on the Beach, a great mall that is located in the open near the ballpark. Until I researched it I thought it might be a theater district. It wasn't. It was a good time nonetheless. There was a great restaurant there called Melt; it was a perfect place to get hot sandwiches and a cold beer. On our only chilly day, it was just what we needed.

Another great spot to stop and eat is The Bowery. We ate lunch there one of the first days. When we found out that they had live music, we knew we would be back on one of the weekend evenings we were in town.

The Bounty Hunters at The BoweryThe Bounty Hunters at The Bowery The Bowery is also the bar in which the Country Supergroup Alabama started. They played there for tips in the beginning stage of their band's development. I had my camera out at lunch and talked to a guy, named Mike, that I didn't know was the manager. He was super cool. When we showed up on the weekend I had a camera bag on my back. When the security guy was about to turn me away (which is completely understandable) Mike showed up and recognized me. They let me in with my bag. I got the opportunity to take some pictures of their house band "The Bounty Hunters". It was a great night, and he purchased some of my edited shots. If you want a great time, The Bowery is a place you need to visit in Myrtle Beach!

One other great spot we visited was the Myrtle Beach Aquarium. It was an The Ripley's Aquarium of Myrtle Beach is great spot t seeThe Ripley's Aquarium of Myrtle Beach is great spot t see amazing spot to spend a chilly afternoon. Strangely, there was that one day that was unseasonably cool, so this gave us something to do inside. There is a lot of indigenous fish and the Sting Rays and Sharks were pretty cool. The exhibits were all so beautiful and well-kept. The whole family would enjoy the visit.

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Bike Week in Myrtle BeachBike Week in Myrtle Beach The unique part of the week that we were there is it was also one of many Bike Weeks hosted by Myrtle Beach. Riders from all over came to Myrtle Beach and with that came a whole lot of cool motorcycles. In addition to their daily activities, they also did night cruises. I was able to get some great shots of some amazing machines.

Perfect for Photographers and Vacationers

There was something to do for everyone at Myrtle Beach! It has a really cool old town vibe with new aspects that adds a twist to the scene. It is also a great place for photographers because there is so much variety in the area. There are a lot of spots we didn't get to that we would like to visit the next time.

As far as the new Nikon Z6? I love it! It's going to be a nice everyday addition to work alongside the D5600 in projects. I am looking forward to playing with the 4K video capability in the near future. I haven't run into any real limitations yet. I will keep you posted.

As always, if you like something you see or have any questions please contact me. My prints are for sale via digital download as well as prints.


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