Las Vegas - Never a Bad Time

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The Road into Vegas - Dirk D Myers PhotographyThe Road to Vegas - Dirk D Myers Photography We love Vegas! So, if you are looking for a review you just got your spoiler right there. My fiance and I have been to Vegas twice together. The images I have here are from the second visit, but any information I will give you will be combined from both experiences.

So many people have told us that a week is far too long to stay in Vegas at one time. I think a lot of that depends on why you are there. We are not really much for gambling but we found plenty to do each time we were there. I will take an opportunity to share some of our favorite spots. There is SO MUCH to do in Vegas that doesn't include gambling.

The Golden Nugget

Golden Nugget Las Vegas - Dirk D Myers PhotographyGolden Nugget Las Vegas - Dirk D Myers Photography We had such a great experience at the Golden Nugget the first time, and so, we decided to stay there again. Since we were already Landry's Select Club members there is a discount at the hotel for your stay. That is also a head's up that there are a lot of their great restaurants as well that you will have to enjoy.

We stayed in the RUSH Tower the last time we were there. The room was super comfortable. We were on the Fremont Street side which means that the party was going on late outside on the street, but that has never been an issue for us. If it would have been uncomfortable, the complimentary earplugs would have helped. I will say that if you are wanting to see onto Fremont at night you really can't do that because of all of the street side refacing, and the light show rooftop. This pretty much encloses Fremont Street from all that is around it. You will hear the party but you won't see the party.

Fremont Street - Dirk D Myers PhotographyFremont Street - Dirk D Myers Photography Downtown vs The Strip

I am going to have to say that this argument seems to show up on every Vegas discussion board on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, or anywhere else that Vegas is a topic. The truth is, it really depends on your interest. You are going to see from me a pretty large lean into the Fremont camp simply because the non-stop carnival and live entertainment are what we prefer. Since you know that, you will see a lot of this blog will be based on Fremont. I will, however, not exclude activities on The Strip that we have been a part of.  The thing is, we prefer to stay and play on Fremont but we Uber or drive to The Strip on occasion for special events and side trips.

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Fremont Street in Las Vegas - Dirk D Myers PhotographyFremont Street in Las Vegas - Dirk D Myers Photography The Party On Fremont Street

If the idea of a non-stop carnival of people from all walks of life getting together for a drink and a show sounds like a good time to you then Fremont Street is perfect for you! A five-block stretch of Fremont Street was closed in 1994 to create what is now known as The Fremont Street Experience and has become one of the largest parties every day and night in Las Vegas.

There is a stage on almost every block featuring great Bands, and DJs that are not only local but many internationally known artists perform on Fremont Street. The Bar at The Golden Gate - Dirk D Myers PhotographyThe Bar at The Golden Gate - Dirk D Myers Photography The area is called "Glitter Gulch" for a reason, and it sure lives up to that name well. You will run into thousands of people nightly openly carrying a beer or cocktail obtained by one of the many bars along either side of the street.

Don't Miss These

There are some things I wouldn't miss if I were you. I found that both times I was there, these spots have an atmosphere and experience that are unlike the rest.

Banger Brewing - Dirk D Myers PhotographyBanger Brewing - Dirk D Myers Photography Is Craft Beer your thing? Even if you are a bit of a beer snob Banger Brewing was one of our favorite spots on Fremont. Try the Jalapeno Heffe. It is crisp, and delicious with a bit of a hint of the pepper. I can't promise you won't get a little addicted to the taste, and you will likely crave nachos or tacos. We really were glad we found this place early on the first time we visited because they were able to give us amazing recommendations of other things to check out while in the area. They have a great Happy Hour a few times in the day as well as great community events. It's well worth your time.

One of their recommendations is a spot we are so glad we found. Believe me, if we were just walking by the spot we would have probably missed it. Carson Kitchen is a restaurant, unlike anything we have ever really experienced. You walk in off the street and are immersed into a bit of a Contemporary Urban atmosphere with dishes that you really won't find anywhere else. Unless you have food allergies you are not going to want to tweak their original flavors. They need to be experienced just the way they are created. This place is fun and quite unique. You need to do this - Trust me.

Container Park in the Heart of Las Vegas - Dirk D Myers PhotographyContainer Park in the Heart of Las Vegas - Dirk D Myers PhotographyMantis at Container Park Another area I recommend is Container Park.  In the heart of Las Vegas, at one end of the Fremont Street Experience, you will see a glowing Mantis. Step closer and witness a whole retail and dining experience that won't remind you of anything you have ever been to. This is something you can bring your kids to and there is plenty for them to do. The use of Containers around the park is something you need to witness, it's pretty amazing. Live Entertainment, Great Food, and Fun for Everyone await you when you visit the park. Check their website for specials for locals and guests new to the area.

Some other things you should check out are the Mob Museum (Yes, it's exactly what it sounds like), and Hogs and Heifers Saloon. They are both in close proximity to one another and so you could package the experiences. One will give you a great introduction to the Mob influence that helped to add to the story of Las Vegas while the other is a great place to kick back with drinks and great food. Stay alert, the barmaids will likely start harassing you (in a great way) from the moment you arrive. Both places are a great time for entirely different reasons.

Fremont Street has so much to offer, and these are some special spots we found that I felt needed to be shared.

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Fun On The Strip

Caesar's Palace on the Las Vegas Strip - Dirk D Myers PhotographyCaesar's Palace on the Las Vegas Strip - Dirk D Myers Photography The Las Vegas Strip is widely known for its large concentration of Resort Hotels surrounded by Restaurants and Attractions that would be hard to visit in a lifetime. Whether it is the palatial grandeur of Caesars Palace or the unique architecture of The Luxor there is something for every taste and imagination on The Strip.

For a photographer, everywhere you point your camera is a potential masterpiece. Bring lots of batteries, because you are going to burn through them.

To add to all of the amazing things there are to do on the Strip, entertainment of all kinds is showcased in so many live venues. The cool thing about Vegas is there is something for everyone to fill your eyes and senses. I will have to say that our favorite performances came from Michael Buble at the T Mobile Arena. However, we have seen some great shows including Blue Man Group, Zumanity, Ray Romano, and David Spade. Like the rest of Vegas, it seems there will be more shows than anyone has days to see them.

The 4 Queens in Las Vegas - Dirk D Myers PhotographyThe 4 Queens in Las Vegas - Dirk D Myers Photography Something For Everyone

Las Vegas is an amazing place with something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you are a photographer or simply on vacation, you'll have plenty to keep you entertained. They call the area "Sin City" but it really is what you make of it.

Please feel free to share some of your favorite stories and favorite places from your Vegas visit in the comments wherever you see this article. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for taking the time to check this out, and hopefully you have had the opportunity to check out my Vegas Photo Collection as well. If you have enjoyed this please feel free to pass it along for others to see. I would certainly appreciate it!


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